Hello world!

My first post!

Since I’m just learning, please be patient with any problems you may see. I’m working to set everything up and address any problems that crop up.

I’ve been inspired to start this blog as I’m a habitual searcher, user and creater of ways to find, modify and use products from grocery store shelves for healthy meals for my family, which includes my husband and two teenagers – a boy and a girl.

I’m like every other woman who struggles to balance fulltime work and home life. I feel the same guilt and try not to let my feelings of inadequacy overwhelm me. I have, however, found some ways to make my life easier and maintain a healthier, happier family. These small hints and golden grocery store finds help to reduce the number of times I have to resort to unhealthy foods in order to make fast meals.

My first tip to offer is a quick and easy one:


Are you tired of the same old dry, boring carrot sticks in your lunches? Try this: pour excess or saved pickle ‘juice’ to cover carrots in a sealed, water tight container and leave overnight. The next day, pour off the pickle ‘juice’ to avoid an overly strong flavour and reseal. Just add to your lunches. I find these great also to munch on when I get to work if I haven’t had time to eat breakfast.

You’d be amazed how many of these your kids will munch on at school if you put them in their lunch boxes.



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